Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

By Renni Browne and Dave King Buy this book, if you are a writer that is. I finally bought it after repeatedly seeing it recommended on writing and publishing blogs, so I thought I'd add my recommendation, too. Even though I've heard much of the included information before, I still found it extremely helpful. The examples are great, the explanations clear, and I especially liked their chapter on Show and Tell. The checklists at the end of each chapter are also great tools.

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jdcoughlin said...

This is one of my favs. I've got an arsenal of about five and refer to them for different things. There is a lot of repetition, but sometimes I need to get hit over the head to realize it's really good stuff. I also like Stephen King's On Writing for the same reason. He's also a master at dialog, IMHO.