Details on each of my manuscripts. First pages can be found here.

87,000 words, complete

After 16-year-old social-nobody Olivia is stunned by random kisses from two guys claiming to be her boyfriend, she discovers she’s somehow jumping between alternate versions of her life, each shaped by decisions she made—or didn’t—in her past. Along with an increasing slew of boys, she also finds her grandma still alive, a baby sister she never had before, and a new position at the top of the junior class.

She has everything she's ever wanted, sort of. If only she could control the jumps, and stop finding so many new sides to her best friend Drew. She barely recognizes this boy who spouts crazy sci-fi theories or plays in a rock band.

She knows she can’t switch between the alternate-Olivias forever. The more she tries to juggle, the more she drops. If she keeps switching realities, she’s going to mess up the alter-Olivias' lives as badly as she must've messed up the original. The only way to make it stop is to choose where to land for good—back in her normal life, or in one of the new ones. But none of her options give her everything, and deciding where to stay will mean losing more than one person she loves.

YA contemporary
60,000 words, complete

High school graduation: Check. College Apps: Check. Actually deciding where to start the rest of your life: Uhhh.

Overwhelmed with all the changes graduation and leaving home will bring, Ryan would rather let someone else make the big decisions. His girlfriend Marcy’s the planner, not him. And as long as he can play soccer, he’ll be happy. Then the school she’s chosen for both of them, Texas Central, cuts their soccer program. Soccer’s the one thing he didn’t think he’d have to give up now that high school’s done, but now it looks like he doesn’t have a choice. He’s already committed to both TC and Marcy.

His neighbor Summer learned the hard way that avoiding decisions doesn’t make them go away. Like last June, when she missed her chance to cross the friends’ line with Ryan. She’s spent the past year avoiding him and denying the mistake she made. She’d rather spend the few months before her senior year sleeping under the stars on one of her family’s mammoth camping adventures than have to watch Ryan play at the goal in her backyard every day. But with her older brothers backpacking across South America and her mom’s new job, she’s stuck doing just that.

Then Summer finds out how much Ryan is giving up to stay with Marcy, not just soccer, but all his goals for the future. She might be the only one who can convince him that just because you make a decision once, doesn’t mean it’s the right decision forever. But first she’ll need to figure that out for herself. And to learn that sometimes you have to fight for what you want, even if it means risking what you have.

UNDECIDED, YA contemporary complete at 60,000 words, is told from Summer and Ryan’s alternating POVs. It should appeal to fans of Stephanie Perkins and Jenny Han.

YA light sci-fi
60,000 words, complete

Five years ago a scientist injected Owen with an invisibility serum. Four years ago he ran away. The invisibility was permanent, and returning to his old life too dangerous, so he went into hiding.

Now seventeen, Owen lives in a high school—where he has food and shelter, plus it’s the closest to a normal life he can get. Owen’s lonely, but at least he’s safe. Until a stupid little decision to “borrow” a book from a girl at his school steamrolls into a series of major mistakes and he gets on the radar of a gang of unvisibles. The people who injected him don’t want loose ends. Their goal isn’t scientific advancement, but creating undetectable criminals. If they find Owen, they’ll force him back in or they’ll kill him. The smart thing is to get out of town, fast—except for the girl, Juliet.

Thanks to Owen’s screw-up, the unvisibles think she has a connection to him, which means she’s in danger too. He has to decide: save himself or protect her. But not hiding anymore could mean risking more than he realizes—like his chance to ever be cured.

YA paranormal romance
69,000 words, complete

Holly’s falling for Seth, and she thinks he’s falling, too. The problem? He suffers from a curse that makes it impossible for him to touch her. TOUCH, a YA paranormal romance, is complete at 69,000 words.

Holly knows Seth isn’t ordinary. Ordinary boys don’t insist they don’t want any friends. They don’t stay at least five feet from other people at all times. They don’t make her heart tap dance when they smile.

But Holly has no idea how extraordinary Seth is. She doesn’t know about his superhuman strength or his ability to hear a whispered conversation from across a room. She doesn’t know he can weaken an enemy just by shaking his hand. She doesn’t know a touch from him could kill.

When Holly learns of Seth’s power and the secret behind it – that he drains the energy of any living thing he touches – she must accept that a friendship with him is dangerous, and anything more would be impossible. But knowing she can’t have something can’t keep her from wanting it.

And the curse that means he can’t touch her isn’t the only obstacle. Seth has spent his life pushing people away – to protect them and his secret. A fire at their high school forces Seth to trust Holly with the truth, but the investigation threatens to expose him. If others discover Seth’s power – and how little control he has over it – he fears what will happen. But someone might already know about Seth, someone dangerous, someone who doesn’t care who they have to hurt to get what they want.