Monday, November 16, 2009


By Maggie Stiefvater

I loved everything about this book. The beautiful, lyrical writing. The doomed and impossible romance. The unique twist on werewolves and winter. The characters - sweet and sad Sam, quietly strong Grace, and also the girl with whom Grace forms an unlikely friendship/alliance.

The temperature plays an important part in the story and is almost a character on its own. The cold practically seeps through the pages. This is the perfect time of year to read this book and I found myself dreading the cooler temperatures as much as the characters were.

I loved the voice and writing style so much that Stiefvater's first two novels have now jumped to the top of my book wish-list, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the two planned Shiver sequels.

If anybody is looking for a gift for a Twilight fan, try Shiver. No vampires, but the romance has a similar quality. Jacob fans especially should enjoy this book. But I think it would appeal to anyone who's looking for a beautifully written YA romance.

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